I had no idea what I would get from this, but I have never been happier with my song, and I have never worked with a more cooperative musician…ever.  Going beyond simply providing me a drum track for my song, Landry clearly “listened” to the song, and picked up on the details, and nuances of the song, then built his  part around that.  Build ups, quiet parts, and tempo changes were all a part of the song, and he picked up on them perfectly.  I feel that Landry is the best at what he does, and I will be returning for the rest of my drum needs.

  -Gale Fulton Jr.

” I wanted to thank you for your drum tracks Landry.  Your drum tracks allowed me to present a professional sounding demo that has gotten me a record recording contract with a rock music label.  You were very professional and cared about the work you did on my songs”

-Bill Norris


“Landry is one of the most professional musicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I got a kick ass beat that was right on time to a click track, and  fit the mood of my song perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with how my song turned out.”

-David Caldwell


“I love how fast and efficient Landry works. It was almost like within minutes of me sending him my idea in piano form I had a demo of the drums to my piano. I only wish all of my collaborators could be as fast and as good as Landry. From just this one collab I can see how professional Landry, is and I plan on doing more work him in the future. Need drums? Hit him up ASAP!”

-James Vegas


“I’ve been looking for a way to add dynamics to some of my tracks for a while now and Landry’s drumming has really helped me to take my music to the next level.  I am so thankful!  Thank you Landry! “

                                                                                                                          Martay Music


“Working with Landry has been a pleasurable and professional experience.  I was pushing to finish my project and he really dedicated himself to helping me accomplish that goal.  All drum tracks and files were created and delivered in a timely fashion without sacrificing quality.”



“Landry has completed two drum tracks for me and I must say I am completely satisfied and will be back for more .  Landry is fast and good!  He does not try to overplay on a song, but rather compliments what is already being played. Great understanding of dynamics too !  I would highly recommend Landry if you are looking for a professional drummer who you can rely on to get the job done !!”

-Brad Curtis


“I was really happy to find Pro Session Drumming through an online posting and work with Landry.  Whether he’s providing drum tracks for a straight forward acoustic tune or a 7+ minute progressive rock jam, his playing is always interesting and precise. No matter the complexity of the material, Landry always had a demo back to me within a couple days and from there he was very responsive with any comments or suggestions. I definitely recommend Pro Session Drumming.

-Matthew Pocius


“Landry gave new life to my music.  His skills on the drums are amazing. It took him only one day to prepare a drum track for my song.  His drum set sounds clear, it brought excitement to my original track.”

                                                                                                   -Uriel Rivera


Landry was completely professional, speedy, and gave me a top notch drum track. His style would fit well with any song.  I highly recommend his work. He didn’t miss a beat and the price he charges is well worth it. Thanks for making my song rock!”

-Patrick Cassidy


 “By far, hands down, Landry is the guy to go to when you need some drums on a track.”